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Rules of Engagement

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PvP is the default medium of conflict resolution on the server. This means that if there is a conflict that isn't or cannot be settled by emotes, rolls or other methods, players are free to engage in PvP. This does not mean PvP is strictly necessary to resolve conflict. I heavily encourage all players to find resolutions that do not involve PvP first -- through RP, many avenues can be opened and explored whereas in PvP, the result is finite and limited. For this method to excel, it requires individuals and groups to communicate between themselves OOC and work together to build an enjoyable atmosphere & conflict.

To engage in PvP, two things are needed: a warning and prior RP. To execute players after the conflict has been resolved you need two things: a three-line emote and good reason. Do not rush to kill characters. Be mindful that these characters have taken time to cultivate and have their own stories behind them. To end any story pre-maturely on a roleplaying server is poor discretion. Explore different avenues. Make compromises.

The details of how these methods are undertaken are below in example form:


Heldens spits on Mance as he passes, smacking the back of his head for good measure.

Mance turns and draws his axe in the same motion, swinging it horizontally toward the undead. {PvP Warning}

- Mance & Heldens engage in PvP -

Heldens falls to the ground, defeated. He begs for mercy from the Orc, both hands raised in cowardice.

Mance swats away a hand and drops his axe to his side, "Whelps like you do not deserve life." Earth rises from beneath his right hand, coming to meet fire in his palm and concoct a rough ball of magma. He'd thrust down his palm into the undead's skull, caving through the layers of skin and bone until the body beneath fell limp.

/target Heldens





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By popular demand, a more realistic example:


Gronk angrily pockets his pants, seeking to grasp the gold-coin filled pouch that was no longer there. He turns towards the gypsy woman that had just passed him, attempting to grab her by the shoulder and turn her towards him.

" It was you, wasn't it? "

The woman smirks at the orc, offering a casual shrug, not intimidated. She seems to offer her arms to be searched, spreading them to her sides. Just as the orc might think that she was complying, she'd spit into his eyes and dart away, her movements followed by the jingle of a fat pouch the orc was all too familiar with.

The orc roars in utter rage, pulling out his twin axes. He breaks into a mad charge towards her, eyes red with bloodlust as he seeks to tackle and maul her into the ground. ( PVP WARNING )


credit to outstanding gypsy

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