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Setting & Lore

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Early Vanilla


Duskwood (A)

Written By: Gypsy

"There is little hope for us if you do not send forces to our aid.
The undead overwhelm our scouts, our livestock does not grow,
a pregnancy - human, elven or dwarven - has not been carried to
term in two years.
" - Mayor Ello Ebonlocke's Plea to Stormwind

Duskwood was once part of Elwynn Forest, the humans' territory spanning all the way to the Troll-ruled jungles of Stranglethorn. However, this land was eternally changed when the Orcs made it the staging point for their invasion of the Kingdom of Stormwind. Corrupted by their malignant Fel Magic, the forest never truly recovered.

In recent times, however, dark figures have emerged from the East. They ride at night, clad in unnatural darkness, their voices and steeds most unholy. No man has seen their true faces and lived to tell the tale. They are only known as the Dark Riders of Karazhan, the Ivory Tower of Medivh. With their arrival, this region of the Kingdom has been thrown into chaos: the dead rose out of their coffins and stories of horrible wolf-men that disembowel any who crosses their path are told in hushed whispers.

Raven Hill fell soon after the darkness descended, the few who survived fleeing to what was once Grand Hamlet in a rush. Suspiciously abandoned by Stormwind, the town now known as Darkshire has formed its own Militia-- The Night Watch, hopelessly trying to fight against the enemies that surround them on all sides. Under Commander Althea Ebonlocke, the residents of Duskwood are living their last breaths, sentenced to a slow but certain doom. With the Alliance seemingly impotent, who will raise their swords to help this last beacon of hope in a sea of terror?


Swamp of Sorrows (H)

"This outpost is the birthplace of the Horde on Azeroth.
Perhaps it has been forgotten and abandoned by our people.
Perhaps it should have been; but there is no denying the history in
this place. It is significant in that it is a reminder to why we came
to this planet and why we stayed. Time has not eroded its value.
This is still the platform upon which the Eastern Kingdoms may 
fall under Horde rule." -
Commander Aggro'gosh while visiting Stonard

Before the destruction of the Dark Portal at the end of the Second War, the Black Morass was the largest swampland on Azeroth. Because of this, it became a lure to the outcast and forsaken - home to renegade Trolls, bog beasts and brackish creatures. The destruction of the Dark Portal sundered the swamps in half, the southern becoming the desolate Blasted Lands where the remnants of demonic taint and influences gather. The northern half became the Swamps of Sorrow, still and quiet.

In recent times, Thrall's ordered the old outpost of Stonard rebuilt and garrisoned, a bastion to stand for the Horde in the southern Eastern Kingdoms. The Orcs that reside there are resilient and stubborn like the swamp itself, casting aside axes for spears better suited to hunting the dangerous creatures of the bog. They struggle to provide, aid from the Horde all but nonexistent and meals coming only as soon as it can be hunted or gathered. 

Threats are all around them, from the Trolls stirring beneath and the murlocs pressing the beaches to the aggressive Lost Ones to the north. In the south, demons stir in the Blasted Lands. The old outpost of Rockard lies in Ogre hands and many fear the Human fortress cannot withstand the coming tide. 


Deadwind Pass (C)

Written By: Gypsy

Once upon a time, the Pass hosted the great wizard, Medivh, known to many as the Guardian of Tirisfal, Azeroth's greatest defender against the horrors of the Twisting Nether. Unfortunately, the Guardian fell to the corruption that had seeped into his body since his conception and his domain was eternally tainted, even after his passing. The Ivory Tower now reeks with a demonic, sinister presence. It is said that the guests whom Medivh had once killed during a grand bancquet are now cursed to relive their last night over and over, their voices joining into a ghostly merriment as they dance and feast for all eternity.

The region surrounding Karazhan was not left untouched: the land is bleak and barren, vegetation all but destroyed, as if some power devastated all surrounding life. Only vultures and the dead inhabit this forsaken pass. Occasionally, one might hear whispers of expeditions that seek to brave the mists, seeking to journey either into the Swamp of Sorrows or into Duskwood, but the few that entered the mists and returned were never the same.

Abandon hope, all of ye' who enter here...

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