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Vendors, Items, Currency & Economy

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Soon after character creation, you'll be confronted with a series of vendors from the Trade Union or the Cartel, Alliance and Horde respectively, which will supply you with all the starter gear necessary to start your journeys as a favor in exchange for future consideration & past help. These are custom-made organizations that will serve as the backbone for the economy and the standard at which all other prices around the world are marked. In addition to these vendors, there will be other independent merchants all over the world with varying prices and rarer merchandise. 

Currency used will be in the form of retail currency - Gold, Silver, Copper Coins. Copper and Silver can be transferred for higher tiers at Currency Exchanges around the world with the Union/Cartel providing the standard rate with other merchants and fences around the world potentially giving better deals and potential for players to travel & gain wealth just through this method. Standard Rate Below:


For example, independent merchants may have an exchange rate like this:




Economy will be based, to start, mostly around cosmetics, consumables and other misc. goods. There are plans to expand into making professions viable using the retail system in the future. 


We're looking for people to help populate the vendors & add what items you'd like to see around the world & when starting out. Go to this topic.

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